Catalonia, 2014
    New Construction
    Area 1240 m²
    Photography by Carolina Vargas

    This house is located on a hill a few kilometers from Barcelona with views of the sea.

    The U-shaped floor plan follows the shape of the elongated lot, fragmenting into several volumes. Each volume has a sloping gable roof that, at their intersection, creates a cut of light that illuminates the lower spaces from above.

    The ground floor is characterized by the composition of vertical panels of marble of different types and colors, alternating with openings full height. The marble emerges from the vegetation of the garden and the water of the pool. The interior flooring is made of oak wood, a material that is also used on vertical walls and in the ceilings of the sloping roofs on several occasions.

    The architects accepted the challenge of designing an explicitly luxurious house without falling into excess, using unusual combinations of materials, maintaining balance and sobriety.

    Luxury is not necessarily a form of display but the quality of the space in which we live: the interpretation of light at different times of the day, the views, the quality of natural materials and the details.