Verona, Italy, 2007

    New Construction

    AREA: 3000 m²

    Photography: Ciro Frank  Schiappa

    Mod05 Hotel, near Lake Garda, is configured as the superposition of two buildings, divided by a long strip of glass: the parallelepiped that houses the rooms, compact but light, floats above the ground floor, whose articulation responds to its functional complexity.

    The architecture reflects the two souls of hotels: the public and dynamic moment of arrivals and departures, of meeting and activity areas, and the intimate and protected moment of rest.

    The ground floor is organized around a central glazed space in which the solid and colorful bodies of different functions peek out: the reception, offices, bar, dining room, meeting room.

    The volume that houses the rooms, on the other hand, is dematerialized.

    Its facade is characterized by a wide lattice that can be opened from the inside of the rooms, composed of phenolic panels cut into slats, which simulate the color and appearance of wood in three shades: light oak, dark oak, and chestnut. The envelope allows for light modulation, selection of views, and regulation of solar flow at different times of the year, meeting both lighting and ecological needs and protecting the privacy of hotel guests.

    The result is a “living” facade, always different, day and night, room by room, moment by moment.