Verona, Italy, 2015
    Interior renovation and branding
    Area 87 m2
    Photography Carolina Vargas

    Deèp is a project that revolves around femininity, hospitality, the beauty of the everyday, and the simplicity of details.

    A very small space with few resources: these are the limits within which this restaurant of healthy but quick food has to move.
    Limits that end up becoming its character and hallmark.

    The name, as is often the case, says it all. “Deèp cucina a vista” is a restaurant where the kitchen becomes the central element, both spatially and conceptually: it’s like saying “here you eat in the kitchen.”

    The layout, furniture design, and choice of materials all take us back to the domestic experience of eating, and the measurements, through ergonomics, awaken memories that may be unconscious, but no less powerful.