Barcelona, 2020
    Area 148 m²
    Photographed by Laura In Bianco

    This renovation project combines the simple layout of its floor plan with the complexity of the details.

    The house faces a large terrace: the challenge was to create a strong relationship between the two.

    To achieve maximum opening and glazed surface, the blinds are placed on the outside, above the window opening, and the aluminum closures also run to the outside of the facade wall, completely disappearing behind the wooden wall.

    The wooden wall is a complex system that houses sliding windows, shutters, and mosquito nets, allowing for maximum flexibility: filtering light, allowing an unfiltered view of the sky and the outside, providing security, and protecting from mosquitoes.

    A planter, which runs along the entire terrace, balances and gives a human scale to the railing.

    The windows inside are emphasized by a wooden frame.

    The kitchen is divided into two areas: the black granite island and the washing area behind sliding doors that can be closed and opened according to needs.